Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Backyard Update!

In the last two weeks the stone fruit trees have gone from little flowers of light pink and white into tufts of green leaves! And can you believe that this peach tree went from this....

to this?

Nature is amazing. I love looking down at the backyard and seeing that burst of pink in the middle of a sea of green and brown. The apricot and plum trees aren't very colorful anymore, but that just means I'm getting all the more closer to their fruit. Mwahaha!! ....Sorry for that, won't happen again. What else, what else...Oh! my walnut and almond trees(also have nectarine, Green Gage plum, 4 cherry trees, 2 chestnuts, 2 persimmon planted from the same nursery at the same time, not much to report right now) are starting to grow leaves and little buds. It's really exciting to see, perhaps not so much to read about, but exciting for me to see.
I'm sad though that my Page Mandarin trees are done, with most of my other orange-type trees soon following suit. This was the last mandarin hiding way up high on the tree so that I almost missed it.

I savored every drop of juice from this fruit. Really a lovely, incredibly tasty variety, Page Mandarins.

Not much new in my veg garden. I haven't moved any seedlings outside except for some beans so far. It's been a little chilly(for LA) but the weather the last few days has been gorgeous. There were some crazy winds a few days ago, maybe that's what allowed for a cloudless, crystal clear view type of day.

If it stays this way, I will be moving most of my seedlings out this weekend. Fingers crossed!


  1. how lucky you are to have so many trees!I,m waiting to plant the seedlings outside...but I love this time of year.is that view from your garden?happy planting!

  2. Thank you! I do feel incredibly lucky to have the space for lots of trees. Isn't this the best time of year?? I too am anxiously awaiting slightly higher temperatures so I can move a lot of my seedlings outdoors. The view is not from my garden but the other side of the house. My garden looks down at the fruit trees in the backyard, still gorgeous so I can't complain :P