Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mariscos Chente and a Pizza recipe

For those not in L.A., Mariscos Chente is a newish restaurant specializing in Sinaloan seafood. There's lots of talk of them on Chowhound, so mosey on over there if you're curious about them. And you should be! Had lunch there again yesterday and it was as delicious as the first time. They always start you off with TONS of chips and spicy green salsa:

Unfortunately, yesterday the rice was not ready so we just got salads on the sides, but still the dishes were very tasty and the avocado and cucumber especially work great with their sauces. I had the camarones diabla and my dining companion had the filete a la plancha.

Mine was definitely the winner...

That sauce! If only there had been rice to sop it up!

And for those interested, here is the pizza dough recipe I used in my last post:


3.6 oz Bread Flour
2.2 oz Water
.001 oz (small pinch) yeast

Final Dough

14.6 oz Bread Flour
10.2 oz Water
.3 oz(1/2 T) Salt
.04 oz(1/2 tsp) Yeast
.9 oz(2 T) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5.8 oz(all of above) Biga

Mix all ingredients of Biga until just smooth(dough should be fairly stiff). Cover the bowl with plastic and let stand at room temp for 12-16 hours.

For Final Dough

Add all ingredients into mixing bowl except biga and oil. Mix until a mass forms. Start adding biga in chunks. Knead until dough is of medium consistency, correct hydration as needed. Start drizzling in olive oil, continue to mix/knead for a few more minutes or until dough has some body to it. Dough should have medium gluten development. Let raise for 2 hours, with a fold after 1 hour. Divide dough into whatever size pizza's you like, round and cover on work surface for 20 minutes. Then it is ready to be stretched and baked and eaten!

*Don't forget to start preheating your pizza stone in the oven(absolute hottest it will go, mine is about 550F) about an 1 hour before you want to bake. I usually start mine once I've folded the dough.*

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