Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Inaugural(Post, that is)

Clear signs of spring and my first post! Why the blog you may ask(or not)? I guess it's because I wanted to chronicle my life in/with food in all forms mostly for my remembrance. I am not ashamed to admit I am obsessed with food! I love baking, cooking, eating and now growing it. It's my first time starting a garden and as a total newb, I want to record the findings for future use. I also want to keep a log of the places I've eaten(the food, not the buildings). So I guess that is why we are where we are.

A little about me. I am based in Los Angeles and so is my garden, as it might be a bit difficult taking care of it if it were elsewhere. I hope there are others out there who share this hobby or take a little bit of interest in seeing this little garden of mine take shape. And please, if you have any tips or comments, feel free to let me have it! We are spoiled here in sunny Southern California, but I think we can share general tips that work for all gardening. My garden is starting with some Alpine Strawberry seedling just planted this week.

They will soon be joined by Yellow Wonder Strawberries that I started from seed a few weeks ago but are still too small to go outside. Then the rest of the garden will be filled out with two types of tomatoes, two types of summer squash, three types of beans, two types of peppers, and three types of melons. Whew! I'm exhausted just typing it, I wonder if I'll actually follow through on this now seemingly ginormous undertaking. Some girls impulse shop for clothes and shoes, me-seeds apparently.

Anyway, I do not want to make my initial post too long. Hopefully, this will catch on and I will post regularly with updates on various matters.


  1. heh c.c I too started a,s been 2 months now and i love it ...just started planting loads of veggies and herbs in barcelona spain(well cataluna).food ,blogging and gardens rock!enjoy

  2. Hey jean! Thanks for commenting. I'll have to stop by and take an in depth look at your blog also but from browsing, it looks amazingly better than mine! It's my first time growing ANYTHING, so I hope I don't kill everything. I've been dying to visit Spain for a long time now, I hope to be able to go this year.